Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Island Adventure

Are the island calling you? Do you feel the need to travel the Ocean? Colors inspired by the polynesian life and the movie Moana. This collection is perfect for vacation photos, pool pics, and for anyone inspired by island life.

The mini kit was the daily download Aug 8-Aug15. If you enjoy this kit please check out the whole beautiful collection.

Bundle contains all the packs to give you a great value. Included is the kit, mini kit, alpha, alpha words, word art, word bits, solid papers, and as an exclusive bundle bonus a Mouse Scrappers mini kit. This mini was offered as a posting bonus to the Mouse Scrappers community. It contains 3 full size patterned papers and 7 png elements, all created at 300 dpi.

My layouts

Both made with templates by LissyKay Designs.

Photos courtesy of MorgueFile.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Galactic Heros

Don't go to the dark side! Join these galactic cuties as you celebrate all of the "out of this world" fun in your life. Whether scrapbooking your favorite movies, little (or big) heroes of your own or the magic of the universe, this kit has it all - cute characters, beautiful colors and tons of themed (and non-themed) goodies! The vibrant color palette includes oranges, yellow, green, blues, purple, gray, black and white.
This huge kit contains 42 beautifully textured papers, 119 fun elements and 2 full alphabets. The alphabets contain individual uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some punctuation as well as alpha sheets. All items were created at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.

On Sale for 27% off this week.

My layout

Made with a free template from FranB Designs

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Cookout

Cookouts are a staple of summertime. This kit has everything you need to scrap the perfect outdoor eating party. The bright colors, cute characters, yummy food and all sorts of other themed (and non-themed) goodies also make this kit fantastic for indoor eating activities as well. (Just be sure to leave out the ants!) The vibrant, summery color palette includes red, pink, peach, yellow, greens, blues, brown and white..
This huge kit contains 34 beautifully textured papers, 128 fun elements and 2 full alphabets. The alphabets contain individual uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some punctuation as well as alpha sheets. All items were created at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.

My layout

Made with a template by Dagi Temp-tations

Monday, July 31, 2017

Free Wheeling and Proud

In the immortal words of Queen, "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.  I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like."  It's a rite of passage in the life of a kid... learning to ride a two-wheeler is really exciting!  So... "Get on your bike and ride!"
Bundle includes the following:
Kit includes the element pack and patterned paper pack.
Element pack includes the following: accordion flowers, arrows, bandaids, banners, bikes, bike flag, bike rider sillouettes, borders, bottle caps, bows, bursts, buttons, charm, clip, doodles, eye hook, eyelets, flags, flowers, frames, gears, journal cards, label, leaves, paint splats, pinwheels, ribbons, ricrac, road, scatter, signs, stitching, string, tricycle, word art, and washi tape.  
Accent pack includes the following: arrows, brads, chevrons, flags, labels, mini flowers, star stackers, and ribbon trimming.
Word pack includes a variety of words and phrases associated with biking and learning to ride.
Alpha pack includes 8 alphas with uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.
Paper pack includes 20 patterned papers.
Extra paper pack includes 14 cardstock papers and 14 bike papers.

You've accomplished your goals and become who you were meant to be.  Be proud!
Elements (includes alternative styles, shadowed and/or color variations):
accordion flowers, arrows, banner, bows, branch, butterfly, buttons, charm, doodle heart, flags, flair, flowers, frames, journal cards, labels, lace, leaves, mini flowers, paint, rainbow, ribbons, ricrac, scatters, speech bubbles, stickers, stitching, string, tags, words, washi tape  
20 Patterned Papers
9 Solid/Cardstock Papers
8 Alphas

My layouts

Made with Free Wheeling and a template by Aprilisa.

Made with Proud and a retired template from Ponytails.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What's Your Sign and Showcase 4

What's your sign, baby? Can I buy you a drink?" We all remember those cheesy pickup lines from the 70s. But whether you're into the Zodiac or not, this kit is just too cute to pass up. It's perfect for layouts about couples, your children, your parents or as a foundation for "all about me" projects. It includes all kinds of goodies for each of the twelve astrology signs - such as papers, brads, trait cards, adorable characters, gems, symbols and page titles. The color palette includes red, pink, yellow, greens, blues, purples, brown and white.
This huge kit contains 48 beautifully textured papers, 146 fun elements and 2 full alphabets. The alphabets contain individual uppercase letters, numbers and some punctuation as well as alpha sheets. All items were created at 300 DPI, perfect for printing.
Elements include: 
1 arrow 
1 banner 
2 beaded swirls 
12 birthstone gems 
2 bows 
12 Zodiac sign brads 
7 buttons 
12 Zodiac characters 
12 chips containing Zodiac symbols 
1 clipping mask (for your favorite photos / papers) 
5 curling ribbons 
1 Earth 
11 assorted flowers 
2 frames 
1 graffiti 
2 hearts 
11 leaves / stems 
1 moon 
1 ostrich 
2 netting 
1 paper clip 
4 planets 
12 quote cards containing character traits for each of the Zodiac signs (Disclaimer: This is for fun only. I don't claim to be an expert on astrology.) 
1 ribbon 
1 ricrac 
1 scalloped border 
1 scatter 
1 sprig 
1 staple 
2 stars 
2 layered stitches 
5 strings 
1 sun 
1 tag 
2 pieces of tape 
12 Zodiac sign page titles

My layout

Made with Showcase by Ponytails Designs

This is a set of four layered page templates to help you scrap beautiful pages when you need a little inspiration or are short on time. 
Templates are sized at 12x12 and 300dpi in PSD, TIFF, and PNG formats for ease of use with any program. 
*** This template set was previously released with the 2017 INSD Showcase 1 bundle. Please check your stash before purchasing. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Arizona Girl New Releases

 These masks are great for framing a photo, blending a photo, or blending paper layers.
Contains 4 unique png masks/frames.

My layout
Made with retired Stars and Stripes by Arizona Girl


GDS Mixology July 2017
Bohemian culture and style is about using vairous tribal prints mixed with fun colors and florals. It is a mindset of freedom, peace, and following your heart.
Contains 20 png elements. All created at 300 dpi.
Mix and Match with all the Mixology packs for this month to create your perfect collection.

My layouts

Both layouts used templates by Andrea Gold


Beneath the Waves is a magical world of glittering fish and strange creatures.
Bundle Contains the kit, alpha, word art, stackers, and a special mini kit only avaliable with the bundle. 

My layouts

Both layouts used templates by Maries H Designs.

Bohemiam Style with Janece Suaez Designs

Colors swirling in the wind, arrows and feathers wild and free, gypsy music heard in the distance, this Bohemian Style Mixology is sure to become a favorite for nearly every type of memory that you have to preserve. From Summer fun days, to birthday parties, to that time that Grandma came to visit, Bohemian Style is the mix and match Mixology that you will return to repeatedly to enhance your treasures. 

My layout

Made with template by Marie H Designs